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Xu Jianxin, vice President of Zhejiang Provincial High Court, visited the company for investigation

Issuing time:2020-08-06 11:22

May 13 morning in 2020, zhejiang province higher people's court   Xu Jian-xin, vice President of the party member, a line of deputy secretary of the jinhua city intermediate people's court, and the executive vice President of its voting members Song Gengjin court bao soldiers, the jinhua, jinhua Wucheng economic and technological development zone management committee, deputy director of the accompanied by the leadership of round, visit families and medical research guidance.

Fang Ming, chairman of the company, welcomed Xu Jianxin and his team to the company for field investigation.In the product exhibition hall, Fang Ming introduced in detail the characteristics of orthopedic subdivision industry, the company's planning in scientific and technological innovation and development, as well as the company's competitive advantages, and the company's research work in biomaterials was emphatically introduced.Later, Xu Jianxin and his delegation visited the company's provincial key enterprise Research Institute, enterprise Technology Center, academician expert workstation and Zhejiang University's Kehui Medical Materials Joint RESEARCH and Development Center.

After listening to the report, President Xu commended Kehui medical for its continuous pursuit of product innovation, commitment to research and development, and manufacturing of orthopedic independent brands more in line with the characteristics of Chinese bones. Relying on the National Technology Innovation Alliance of medical implant industry, the establishment of production, learning, research, medical platform, etc.The achievements made for the local economic development were fully affirmed.He pointed out that in the process of enterprise development, there will be more or less judicial problems, you can fully reflect to the relevant departments, timely communication, courts at all levels will escort the enterprise, solve the enterprise problems, for the high-quality development of the private economy to create a good legal environment.

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