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CAI Xiujun visited Canwell Hangzhou R&D Center

Issuing time:2020-08-06 00:00

On July 2, CAI Xiujun, vice chairman of Zhejiang Provincial Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC), accompanied by Relevant leaders such as Hangzhou Pharmaceutical Port and Fan Shunwu, director of Orthopedics department of Run Run Shaw Hospital affiliated to Zhejiang University Medical College, inspected The Company's Hangzhou R&d Center.

CAI Xiujun and his delegation listened to fang Ming, the chairman of the company, about the development process of the company's institutional restructuring, international OEM and independent RESEARCH and development, and visited the public research and development platform, academic exchange center and Canwell College on the spot.

In the company's Hangzhou R & D Center, Chairman Fang Ming reported to CAI Xiujun and his party in detail the company's work in the research and development of biological materials, achievement transformation and other aspects and the introduction of the future development plan.CAI Xiujun inquired in detail about the ECM gel materials of extracellular matrix (ECM), ECM scaffold materials of whole kidney and ECM scaffold materials of whole liver developed by the company, and highly affirmed the efforts of Kehui Medical technology in the integrated development of production, science, research and medicine and in building an innovative transformation platform.He pointed out that Kehui Medical based on reality, adhere to innovation, hope in the future in the field of RESEARCH and development transformation to continue to forge ahead, create a new journey, and make new achievements.

Afterwards, CAI Xiujun and his party visited the subsidiary Zhejiang Disai Biotechnology Co., LTD., GMP workshop and so on.

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